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This job advertising website for employers in the education, church, and associated organisations sector in Ireland, is available to use for a small donation. This will save your school or organisation time and money. You can advertise and reach candidates based overseas and at home simultaneously. You have the ability to make changes or edit your advertisement at any time during the advertising period, keeping you in control. By linking to your website within the advertisement, you can promote your school or organisation.

Employers may post any job on-line using simple forms at any time of day or night and from anywhere.

You may advertise vacancies in Primary/National schools, Secondary schools, Third level and Training colleges. You may also advertise vacancies arising in Dioceses, Parishes, Church organisations and associated Voluntary groups in Ireland.

Christian resources, particularly for use in education, will be available also on this website. Current Christian and education news and views will be available soon.

We would be pleased to hear of your success and/or suggestions at

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